Character Creation Rules


Dominion Training (Solar Dominion of Xur Only)

  • War Training: 8 dots allocated among Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Archery, Martial Arts, Resistance, and War (none may be raised above 4).
  • Lore Training: Linguistics 1 (Old Realm) and 7 dots allocated among Intelligence, Perception, Craft (Earth), Craft (Wood), Performance, Presence, and Socialize (none may be raised above 4).


  • 9/7/6


  • 45 dots (at least 10 must be from Caste or Favored Abilities; at least one must be from each Favored Ability)
  • Players may raise any of their character’s Abilities to five without spending bonus points.
  • Players receive seven specialties to distribute amongst their character’s Abilities


  • Solar Dominion of Xur exalts start with Cult 1 and Wealth 3 for free
  • 30 dots (none may be higher than 4 without spending bonus points)
  • Legendary Artifacts (N/A rating) in the possession of Dominion Exalts are considered Artifact 5

Available Backgrounds

Allies – DotFA
Arsenal – Mal’akh’s Alternate Backgrounds
Artifact – Core
Backing – Core
Command – Mal’akh’s Alternate Backgrounds
Connections – DotFA
Contacts – use Connections
Cult – Core
Familiar – Core
Followers – Core
Heart’s Blood (Lunar Only) – MoEPL
Henchmen – Mal’akh’s New and Expanded Solar Backgrounds
Influence – use Connections
Manse (Solar Dominion of Xur) – DotFA
Manse (Non-Dominion) – Core
Mentor – DotFA
Reputation – DotFA
Resources – Core. Dominion exalts use Wealth.
Retainers – Mal’akh’s New and Expanded Solar Backgrounds
Solar Bond (Lunar Only) – MoEPL
Tattoo Artifacts (Silver Pact Only) – MoEPL
Wealth (Solar Dominion of Xur Only) – DotFA; Capped at 3


  • 35 charms
  • Charms cost 4 bonus points or 3 if they come from a Caste or Favored Ability.


  • 5 dots.
  • Virtue dots may be purchased for 1 bonus point each.


  • Characters begin with Willpower rated at 5.
  • Willpower may be increased at a cost of 1 bonus point her dot.


  • The character begins with Essence 4.

Bonus Points

  • 35 bonus points
  • Characters may start with (Willpower + Compassion) Intimacies without spending bonus points.

Character Creation Rules

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