The Isle of Forbidding Shadows


A large forbidding isle sits quietly in the midst of other more inviting islands. Cliff walls surround the place and it looks as if there is nowhere to beach a small boat, much less a ship. That is except for a small beach, surrounded by more cliff walls with absolutely no other resources around it. The interior of the island can be seen from afar and can be described as a primeval forest. The whole place looks dangerous and uninhabitable and not even the curious want to spend more time there.

The island has a secret however, a winding entryway in what looks to be solid cliff will allow skilled navigators to bring a ship inside the island. Entering here even with a large ship brings them to a round large expanse with a wharf and a beach, inside the island. The ceiling looks to be made of solid water and refracts sunlight and moonlight keeping the area well lit.

Making your way through a portico decorated with a mandala of seashells that looks like it was made of solid seawater in different hues, there is a further complex inside. Immediately to the left is a large and well stocked Magitech workshop. The right showcases storage rooms, and further in converted living quarters and what looks to be a command center or conference room.

All the furniture except in the workshop looks to be made of solid seawater.

The Isle of Forbidding Shadows

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