The Solar Dominion of Xur

The Mandate of Heaven for the Dominion


Magnitude 2


  • Military: 2
  • Culture: 1
  • Government: 2


  • Awareness: 1 (+1 Territorial Domains)
  • Bureaucracy: 1 (+1 Commerce)
  • Craft: 2 (+1 Agricultural Products, +1 Superior Workmanship)
  • Integrity: 1 (+1 Cult of the Unconquered Sun, +1 Solar Loyalty)
  • Investigation: 1
  • Occult: 1 (+1 Supernatural Etiquette, +1 Thaumaturgy)
  • Performance:
  • Presence: (+1 Religious Conversions)
  • Stealth: 1 (+1 Scattered Settlements)
  • War: 2 (+1 Tiger Warriors, +1 Supernatural Protection)


  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o o
  • Temperance – o o
  • Valor – o o o

Willpower: o o o o o o

Virtue Flaw: Conviction

Knife of the Ocean is the Legitimate Sorcerer. Beseeching Invitation Towards Crimson Heaven and Raging Snowstorm are Sorcerers. Dreamer of the Aerie’s Verdant Elegance is a Savant as are various Priests, Praetors, and Magistrates.

External Bonus Points:
These are derived from connections to the Western Trade Alliance, Denzik Merchants, and a Fair Folk Carnival. This dominion also benefits from supernatural protection. The former provide the extra dot in Bureaucracy while the latter provides the dots in the specialties Supernatural Protection and Territorial Domain. Total of 6 Bonus points.

Limit Break:
The melting pot of differing cultures suddenly boils over and internal conflict prevents the citizens from getting anything done. The Solar Rulers often use a few charms to correct this.


The Solar Dominion of Xur is a fledgling, economically powerful dominion, remarkable for being composed entirely of able bodied citizens and its use of Old Realm. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, faithful population is ruled by a group of Solars. The citizens provide worship to these Solars via an official religion dedicated to the Unconquered Sun and his Chosen.

The Dominion is expanding to the nearby Islands drawing all sorts of people into citizenry. A healthy commercial sector is led by the agriculture, followed by ship building. Trade is healthy with virtually all nations and powers in the West with the possible exception of the Skullstone Archipelago.

Notable achievements are a lush geomantic structure, elite warriors, hidden elementals, and a massive Wyld Breaker battle platform. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive military and the Solars themselves.

  • Patterned after Nationstates by Max Barry

The Solar Dominion of Xur

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