It is said that the Saigoth Gates stand at the end of the ocean. Nothing enters through them and nothing leaves through them but by ceasing to exist. Carved of starmetal and set with emeralds and endlessly commemorated in the dances of the gilmyne, the Saigoth Gates define the border between being and non-being.

It is 771 RY, and The Realm is embroiled in a civil war. With the eyes of the Dragon-Blooded host averted from Western Archipelagos, the Solars of the West have consolidated their domain and have started expanding into the larger islands of the Archipelago of Xur. Serving as a buffer state between the warring Coral and Wavecrest Archipelagos and a trade artery for The Neck, their domain’s importance waxes with every passing day.

Yet they are not without enemies. Skullstone has been monitoring the domain since its inception, the Guild, the Lintha, and the Fair Folk all have grudges to settle with them, the Realm Satraps and the hidden agents of Fate watch them carefully though their hands are tied by the collapsing center.

Will the Solars lead their followers to stand at the Saigoth Gates or will they lead them through?

To Stand at the Saigoth Gates

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